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In the News - September Board Meeting

Interlocal Agreement Approved by JEA Board

The JEA Board approved a new Interlocal Agreement with the City which is a critical step in a lengthy process to bring the Agreement to fruition. The Agreement must now be reviewed by a number of City Council Committees and will ultimately be voted on by the full Council. The new Agreement would provide financial assistance to the City in return for benefits to JEA that would improve JEA’s financial strength as well as helping to keep rates stable. 

JEA Board Meeting

The next JEA Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 21. JEA offers live streaming of its monthly board meetings, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you are always welcome to attend in person.

Understand Your Bill

Understand Your Bill

We know our bills can be complicated, but we're here to help you. Our interactive video conversations provide you with valuable insights into your bill as well as tips about your home's energy and water use that affect your bill: lighting, old appliances, cooling, and water leaks.

Gerri and Tom

Q&A with JEA: Saturdays at 1pm on News 105, WOKV

Mar 7: Change in watering restrictions with Daylight Saving Time. 
Mar 14: Get a FREE irrigation assessment from JEA LawnSmart.
Mar 21: Planting the right plant in the right place.
Mar 28: Learn to find and fix water leaks in your home.
Apr 4: Call before you dig.
Apr 11: Power maintenance and restoration.

JEA and the Environment

Certain wastes cannot be recycled or reused and could be potentially harmful to human health and the environment. By identifying and/or using environmentally friendly alternative recycling processes, we can make a positive impact on our river. 

Learn about what JEA is doing to help prevent pollution.

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