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Who is Responsible for What?

If you have damage where the electric wires attach to your house, you must get a licensed electrician to make repairs before we can restore power to your house.


Other repair for which the homeowner is responsible includes:  

  • Damage to the weatherhead (for houses with overhead lines) (B)
  • Damage to the riser (C)
  • Damage to the meter can (the metal case surrounding the meter) (D)

Note: Any repairs to the weatherhead, riser or the meter can and its contents must be made by a licensed electrician. Call JEA at (904) 665-6000 should you have any questions.


A: Service Lines
B: Weatherhead
C: Riser
D: Meter Can
E: Meter

JEA is responsible for:  
  • Damaged service lines, whether overhead or underground, up to the point where the lines attach. See (A)
  • Damage to the actual meter (E)