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You already know that when you use more electricity during very hot or cold weather to stay comfortable, your utility bill rises. Those high bills can be hard to handle and the variation from month to month makes it hard to budget for the other things in your life.

Now, you can reduce the big variations in your monthly JEA bill by enrolling in MyBudget.  

How does MyBudget work?  MyBudget Sample Graph

MyBudget averages your 12 most recent bills every month based on your usage. Your monthly bill will be that averaged amount. While your bill won't be exactly the same each month because it's a rolling average using the most recent 12 months, it will vary far less than your normal bill does now. And because it adjusts monthly, your account balance will always be up to date.

We will continue to read your meter each month and your bill will always show details of the actual charges and consumption for the billing period and your account balance.

This way, you will always know how much electricity and water you've used so you can monitor your usage.

How do I enroll in MyBudget? 

As long as you have JEA service at your address for at least three months, call JEA at 665-6000 or log in to to enroll in MyBudget. Then relax knowing that no matter what the weather is outside you'll be able to predict your utility bill.

You may be removed from MyBudget if you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you make a payment arrangement, your JEA credit score drops below 300, or you do not pay your bill by the due date each month. Adjustments to your account may affect the monthly amount due on your account.