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Efficiency Evaluations

Save Green with Efficiency Evaluations

Requiring less energy and water and using what you do need more efficiently is how you bring your utility bill under control. It’s that simple. However, depending on your personal goals, you need to know where you are starting from in order to know what to do to get where you want to go.

Watch Our Do-It-Yourself Video »
This is a great beginning step to understanding your energy and water consumption habits. Our Home Energy and Water Check-up video is available on our YouTube Channel, and offers tips on energy and water conservation.

Do-It-Yourself Home Energy and Water Evaluation Kit » 
Our Home Energy and Water Evaluation Kit can show you how to lower your monthly energy and water costs, while making your home more comfortable.

LawnSmart Free Water Checkup »
Surprisingly, 35- 50% of water used for residential irrigation is wasted. Customers may request a free water management evaluation.

Free Energy Audit
Customers can call (904) 665-6000 to schedule a free JEA energy audit. A JEA representative will inspect your home and then offer cost-effective ideas designed to help lower energy costs. First, they’ll break down your energy consumption into components so they'll know where to look prior to arriving at your home. Once they arrive, they’ll conduct a physical walkthrough inspection (no diagnostic equipment is used) of your home and appliances to determine where improvements can be made both in behavior and in new equipment.

Home Energy Audit »
An energy efficiency evaluation, or energy audit as it is often called, will give you a big picture look at your home energy usage so you can plan your next steps toward being more energy efficient.

A local certified energy professional of your choice will provide a ranked list of energy efficiency and conservation measures for energy improvements by expected financial benefit as well as the steps necessary to take action. Find a local Energy Evaluation Professional »