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InvestSmart with JEA (Commercial)

Business Energy Upgrades 

Making energy-efficiency upgrades is a smart investment. They help your business save energy every day which, in turn, can save money every month on your utility bill, improving your business’ bottom line.

InvestSmart with JEA provides rebate incentives designed to help you make those energy-efficiency upgrades at a lower initial cost. Whether you’re installing a new lighting system, or upgrading your heating, cooling and air handling equipment, InvestSmart with JEA has a variety of incentives available.

Case Studies

To find out which InvestSmart with JEA program may be right for you, consider which type of upgrade you will be implementing then look through our upgrade measures. Be sure to review customer and measure eligibility requirements carefully. For more information, please call our InvestSmart with JEA hotline at 888-345-4609 or email us

Commercial Connections e-Newsletter

JEA’s free monthly e-newsletter for our business customers, Commercial Connections, contains articles, tips and tools to help you make the best energy decisions for your business. There’s benchmarking data to see how your energy use compares to similar industries; calculators to help you estimate fuel, lighting and motor costs; and even energy-awareness posters to download for your workplace. Have a question? Use the Ask An Expert feature to get one-on-one help, or access the archives of past responses. The articles will keep you up-to-date on the latest technology that can help businesses use their energy dollars wisely. Sign up here to start receiving Commercial Connections in your email box.