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Use of JEA Property

Using JEA Property

JEA is an independent authority that provides electric, water, sewer an other utility services to approximately one million people in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities.  JEA's utility systems include power plants and electric substations that are connected by thousands of miles of electric transmission and distribution lines, and artesian wells and water and sewer treatment facilities which are connected by thousands of miles of water distribution and sewer collection lines.

Our systems are located within a combination of public right-of-way, real estate owned completely by JEA, and JEA easements over the property of other landowners.  Upon request, JEA will consider allowing compatible third-party uses of JEA property and landowner uses of JEA rights-of-way and easements when: safety is ensured;utility system integrity is protected and access is unobstructed;community and customers will be not be adversely affected; and JEA is not exposed to liablity for allowing the uses.

For more specific information and to initiate a review, please download the Use JEA Real Property Application